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Objective-Based Incident Management – 5 Ways It Accelerates Response
Objective-Based Incident Management – Making Decisions Faster and with Confidence
During a critical incident, time is in short supply, and you need to make informed decisions quickly. But the facts are often elusive, and decisions are occasionally reduced all the way down to a risk-based-game of Jenga. Making decisions fast isn’t easy. Rob Floodeen, Mitiga VP of Consulting, will describe a methodology to manage incidents more effectively using objectives, workstreams, confidence, and levels of effort.

Join this 30-minute webinar to learn how objective-based incident management helps:

- Make decisions based on the overall impact for each workstream
- Identify characteristics of best available information
- Get you to the next step in your organizational response quickly
- Reprioritize response actions


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Rob Floodeen
VP of Consulting @Mitiga
Rob has worked across federal and Department of Defense operations in the United States and has led teams that performed intrusion detection at the Pentagon and Army Research Lab, and for the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN). He spent several years managing cybersecurity incident response team (CSIRT) operations for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and served a two-year rotation as the Software Engineering Institute’s technical advisor.